Where Can I Train to Be Chief Pilot?

Where can I train to be Chief Pilot?

Where can I train to be Chief Pilot is a question that a lot of guys have asked. The Chief Pilot title is given to the senior ranking flight officer in a flight department. It is a position of authority and with the authority comes a lot of responsibility. So how does one become a Chief Pilot you might wonder. Surprisingly, there is not a lot of formalized training for this position in Part 91 and Part 135 flight departments. The knowledge and experience are acquired while working as a line pilot. While this is good when it comes to being familiar with the rules it doesn’t help from the administration side because you never participate in those activities as a line pilot. So there are really two answers when you ask, Where can I train to be Chief Pilot? The school of hard knocks (undesirable) and The Chief Pilot Academy (desirable).

Where can I train to be Chief Pilot for a Part 91 Flight Department?

Flying as a pilot within a Part 91 flight department is a logical first step. You will learn the company’s philosophies and structure. You will learn the company’s standard operating procedures and become with company documents. You can volunteer as a company instructor or check pilot or even as the assistant chief pilot to gain experience. If you have a good mentor, this is an excellent way to learn the craft. Many times, though, this is not the case. Good solid knowledge of industry best practices and regulation are key. As are good sense and management skills. This experience paired with a good academic course of study produces the best results.

Where can I train to be chief pilot
Academic Study coupled with an excellent mentor will yield good results

Where can I train to be Chief Pilot for a Part 135 Flight Department?

Again flying as a line pilot is a great way to get acclimatized to the company as well as to the concepts of operational control and Part 135 operating rules. By experiencing the training required by Part 135 regulation from the users side you will gain the fundamental building blocks that you will use later to manage the training program. While gaining this experience is good it is not enough. Learning the training program is one aspect of Part 135 that as a user you do not see how it is structured and how it is administered. There are many things in a Part 135 operation that are like that. For this reason an academic course is needed to teach you the administrative side of running a Part 135 certificate.

Where can I train to be Chief Pilot? Chief Pilot Academy is the answer. Be the BEST Chief Pilot that you can be. Combined academic training and experience will yield the best results.

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