Pilot Records Database (PRD)

Pilot Records Database (PRD)

There is a new section that will be issued under 14 CFR soon. It is Part 111. Part 121, 125 and 135 operators have been working under the requirements of the Pilot Records Improvement Act of 1996, or PRIA, for years. PRIA requires the gathering and sharing of specific information, which enables a hiring air carrier to make an informed decision before extending a firm offer of employment to a pilot applicant.

The new rules will replace PRIA with PRD or the Pilot Records Database and the FAA has expanded the requirements to include some Part 91 operators as well. The requirement to review a pilot’s records under PRIA will remain in effect until 3 years and 90 days after publication of part 111. Part 111 and the PRIA will run as parallel processes until PRIA is retired.

The Pilot Records Database contains employer and FAA records on an individual’s performance as a pilot for the life of the individual. Records contained within the database are only permitted to be used as a hiring aid in an operator’s decision-making process for pilot employment.

Who will be affected by pilot records database?

  • All Part 121, 125 or 135 operators.
  • Part 91K operators.
  • If you operate 2 or more aircraft under Part 91 flight operations in furtherance of, or incidental to a business, and they are standard airworthiness airplanes that require a type rating, you will be affected by 14 CFR, Part 111. (Corporate Flight departments)
  • If you operate turbine-powered rotorcraft, you will be affected by 14 CFR, Part 111.
  • If you operate aircraft under a LODA issued under Part 125.3 you will be affected by 14 CFR, Part 111.
  • Pilots who fly for any of the previously mentioned operators.
Pilot Records Database will track your performance until you are 99 years old
The PRD will track a pilots performance for life.

The FAA has brought a couple of deadlines to our attention, and I share them here. You may want to put them on your calendar.

September 8, 2021: Deadline for current operators to submit application for database access in accordance with § 111.15. Specifically, each operator to which this requirement applies, must register an Authorized Responsible Person by visiting prd.faa.gov and selecting the Air Carrier Tools button.

December 7, 2021: Mandatory use of Pilot Records Database for review of FAA records in accordance with § 111.105(b)(1). After this date, you should no longer submit FAA Form 8060-10 to request FAA records under PRIA. You will instead use the PRD to review these records.

The links below will take you to the AC issued concerning Pilot Records Database and the actual section in the regs.

AC 120-68J (faa.gov)

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR)

NOTE: The effective date for Part 111 is not until August this year.

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